People. Not Paperwork.

Cnect is the future of talent acquisition. By digitizing, yet humanizing the hiring process, it improves hiring efficiency and increases candidate engagement. It empowers employers to quickly and easily identify, qualify, and hire the right people for the right jobs.

Cnect puts humans back into Human Resources
and lets technology do the work

Experience recruitment like never before with unparalleled engagement, targeted job promotions, and the ability to build private networks. Join us as we redefine the hiring landscape.

Streamlines the hiring process by empowering;

The ability to hire 90% faster and 70% cheaper, by eliminating screening calls and first round interviews with automated qualification.

More time to focus on the highest quality candidates through AI-assisted applicant matching and first impression videos that ensure cultural fit.

The ability to stay connected and differentiate their brand through a real-time text and video digital dialogue platform.

Customer Successes


Increase in candidate engagement


Applicant interview show rate


Final interview to offer acceptance


Faster time-to-hire


Less cost-per-hire

Provides a world class candidate experience by enabling;

The ability to highlight one’s authentic self and tell their unique story through a first impression video.

Timely position progress updates through a continuous digital dialogue feedback loop.

The ability to quickly learn about the company and position through employer videos.

How is it different?

Improves the applicant intake process by turning resumes into Digital Profiles.

What is the benefit?

Allows candidates to showcase their authentic self through video introductions.

What makes it meaningful?

Allows hiring managers to assess chemistry and fit with more data than ever before

Collect candidate information and gauge interest

Send screening and interview questions in staged sequences, eliminating:

Uninterested applicants

Unqualified candidates

Multiple rounds of interviews

The World’s Best Hiring Platform

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