Cnect Welcomes New Chief Revenue Officer, André J. Boulais

Today, it is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of our new Chief Revenue Officer, André J. Boulais.  As one of the most respected and accomplished leaders in our space, he brings a wealth of world-class talent acquisition and technology leadership experience to companies like Salesforce, Jobvite, and SilkRoad.  André’s deep passion for reshaping the future of hiring in the post-pandemic era makes him a perfect match for our vision and company direction.  

We have been focused on building a great product, listening to our advisors and early-stage customers to make sure we have the best solution set available to the market.  When building out of the team to take Cnect to market, it was imperative to get the leadership positions right, I believe we have achieved that in hiring Andrê.

André saw in Cnect a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of revolutionizing the candidate engagement and hiring landscape and I asked him to share why he chose Cnect in his own words. 

New CRO André J. Boulais Shares Why He Joined Cnect

1.    Vision: 

“The seismic shifts in the hiring landscape post-pandemic coupled with the rise of AI have made it evident that the traditional ways of attracting, engaging, and hiring talent are outdated.  Cnect’s passion to be the future of hiring is not just a vision but a reality created and brought to life by our CEO, Michael Nadeau who started his career as a recruiter.”   

With frustration with the candidate experience and hiring process at an all-time high; companies are realizing they need to modernize their hiring process or lose market share to competitors that already are doing so. I recently led a webinar highlighting key talent acquisition trends for 2024 and Cnect stood out prominently due to their ability to improve the candidate experience and dramatically reduce time to fill by 50%.  I firmly believe that Cnect is uniquely positioned to reshape the market, with eager buyers awaiting transformative solutions.” 

  1. Product: 

“My passion for world-class Products is shaped by an entire career in talent acquisition and technology.  In the decade I led global talent acquisition teams for companies such as Salesforce, I was responsible for an annual technology budget of $500k+.  I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact the right WorkTech solution can have on a world-class organization (I’ve also seen the negative effects of a bad purchase).   

It’s rare to see a company that invests so heavily into its product before taking it to market as Cnect.  It’s a testament to both CEO, Michael Nadeau and CTO Dave Smith that they spent several years building a product that was built to scale at a massive rate before taking it to market.  As someone who’s spent the last decade as an executive in high-growth successful recruiting technology companies, I was impressed by the maturity and sophistication of Cnect’s product, which played a pivotal role in my decision to join the company. 

I can’t wait for all my talent acquisition friends to see a demo of the product.

It’s also the only company in our space I’ve seen with 100% referenceable customers which speaks volumes about the product.”  

  1. Leadership: 

“I’ve had the great fortune to work alongside exceptional leadership during my time at Salesforce, Jobvite, and SilkRoad so joining an executive team that fosters growth, innovation, and excellence was critical for my decision.  I’ve been able to spend considerable time getting to know Michael and the executive team during my time on their advisory board alongside such industry luminaries as William Tincup.     

Too many times in WorkTech, CEOs are tasked with building recruiting technology solutions for their customers when they themselves have never spent a day In the life of a recruiter.  This puts them at a clear disadvantage.  For me personally and professionally, I love that Cnect is led by an accomplished l CEO who started his career as a recruiting leader. That experience presents a tremendous advantage in our space and I’m excited to work alongside a CEO has that channeled his passion for recruiting into numerous successes.   

In closing, I firmly believe that Cnect is poised for tremendous growth in 2024 and beyond. Their reputation for credibility and delivery precedes them, and their decision to join Cnect has already sparked interest among senior leadership professionals from esteemed companies, indicating the resonance of our vision and the potential for collective growth.” 

As we embark on this exciting journey with André J. Boulais as our new Chief Revenue Officer, we invite you to join us in welcoming him to the Cnect family.  Together, we will continue to innovate, redefine, and shape the future of hiring. 

Warm regards, 

Michael Nadeau 



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