Making Things Happen with Michael Nadeau

In this episode of Talent Talks Podcast, join host Jeff Crilley from ‘The Jeff Crilley Show’ as he sits down with serial entrepreneur Michael Nadeau the Founder, and CEO of Cnect. From the outset, Michael’s drive to make things happen shines through, setting the stage for an engaging conversation.

1:18 – Intro of Michael Nadeau: Jeff introduces Michael, highlighting his entrepreneurial journey and the impact he’s made as the CEO of Cnect.

7:01 – Success on College Campuses: Michael shares insights into Cnect’s success in engaging with college campuses, illustrating the effectiveness of their approach.

8:02 – Employer Experience: The discussion turns to the employer experience, shedding light on how Cnect is transforming the hiring process for businesses.

10:52 – Fear Factor: Michael delves into the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and how overcoming fear is essential for success.

13:02 – Feedback: Jeff and Michael explore the importance of feedback and its role in driving innovation and improvement.

13:43 – Rabbit Ears: Michael shares valuable insights on the importance of listening and staying attuned to market needs.

14:20 – Final Thoughts: Wrapping up, Michael leaves listeners with thought-provoking final insights and reflections.

15:44 – Outro: Jeff concludes the episode, thanking Michael for sharing his expertise and providing valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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