Meet Vincent Russo: Cnect’s Advisory Board Member

Check out the latest interview from our Advisory Board Member, Vincent Russo.

What’s one key lesson you’ve learned in your time in talent acquisition? 

Keep nurturing existing relationships and continue building new ones. The requisite for this is communication. 

For 2024, what positive trends are you seeing in talent acquisition/hiring?

Companies are continuing to embrace remote work opportunities. The continued adaptation of remote work has expanded the pool of talent available to employers and agencies. Companies are increasingly open to hiring remote workers, which allows them to access a broader talent pool and offers more flexibility to candidates. This also has added a positive impact on time to hire – going from months to weeks to complete the hiring cycle.

What are some of the challenges you see in the market? 

With the recent downturn in hiring / limited opportunities, many active candidates are applying for jobs that they are not a fit- increasing the volume of applicants. Many job posting/applicant tracking systems have a one-touch apply feature- giving candidates the ability to apply to jobs without doing their vetting. This is causing Talent Acquisition professionals and Agency Recruiters to be overwhelmed by the volume of applicants for positions that still need to be filled. 

What do you love about Cnect as a solution?

Cnect has the ideal mix of Automation, AI, and Human Touch to bring everyone together in the hiring process and provides a seamless/authentic experience. Cnect’s ability to provide efficiency for communication is exceptional. It keeps relationships credible for Talent Acquisition Professionals and Active Job Seekers.

Any hot jobs you’re trying to fill now?

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