Vincent Russo

Vincent Russo , a visionary leader in the field of human resources and recruitment, is the driving force behind Emerson United, a top tier recruiting and staffing company. With a passion for connecting talent with opportunity, Vincent has transformed Emerson United into a trusted partner for businesses seeking exceptional talent and for job seekers looking to advance their careers.

Vincent’s journey into the world of recruiting began with a deep-seated commitment to helping people realize their full potential. This dedication led them to establish Emerson United which has since become a beacon of excellence in the staffing industry. Under Vincent’s leadership, the company has flourished, earning a reputation for its unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, and innovation.

With a profound understanding of the evolving employment landscape, Vincent has guided Emerson United to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world. Their strategic vision has positioned the company at the forefront of technological advancements in recruiting, incorporating cutting-edge AI-driven tools and data analytics to enhance the candidate selection process.

One of Vincent’s key strengths is their ability to foster a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement within Emerson United. They have built a highly skilled and motivated team that shares their passion for finding the perfect fit between talent and organizations. This collective commitment to excellence has propelled Emerson United to new heights, enabling them to serve a diverse range of industries with unparalleled expertise.

Vincent lives in Centerport NY with his wife and kids that are not off at college. He enjoys Biking, Skiing, Golf, Tennis and recently added Triathlons to his personal resume.